Assma Iqbal

Hi I am Assma, I am 22 years old!

My areas of academia and study are social sciences. I’ve been volunteering for the last few years for S.A.S Rights. I met Saima in Preston at the University of Central Lancashire. Saima delivered lectures on Female Genital Mutilation and Violence Against Women and Girls and instantly I wanted to acquire a placement.

Over the last two years I have been working alongside Saima and I have provided advocacy work, helping with regular case work, supporting those who experience abuse and are too frightened to contact the police or other agencies. I help complete vulnerability assessment forms and also help with general evaluations and administrative tasks. I reach out to women and teach English classes and also run drop ins for women that need support from any community. We provide support for those who experience abuse, need help with debt and financial support.

I love that we have a very diverse group of volunteers and service users. I am passionate about helping, we are women led and this is very empowering for me. My own interests are to teach, mentor, gain new experiences and become the most confident version of myself that I can be! I love swimming, reading and writing and helping the community.