Mmapula Diana Kebaneilwe


Dr Mmapula Diana Kebaneilwe is from Botswana, and she is co-director of S.A.S Rights. She is currently a Humboldt Research Fellow with Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg, Germany (2022-2024). Since 2001 she has been teaching biblical studies at the University of Botswana.

Mmapula is a divorced mother of three beautiful children, a mother-in-law to a lovely son, and a grandmother of three awesome gifts.

Mmapula ‘s research interests are centered around women’s studies, gender-based violence, the environment, and how the bible interfaces with these issues. She is a partner and supporter of the Shiloh Project which explores the intersections of rape culture, religion, and the bible. She is currently writing a book on The Bible and Gender-based Violence in Botswana.

Mmapula is a scholar-activist who encourages and seeks to bring about social transformation through affirmative ways of reading and interpreting sacred texts, especially the bible. Being a part of the S.A.S rights is important to her because it opens opportunities to bring about much-needed social transformation, especially for the downtrodden, victimized, and marginalized minorities including especially women and girls.

Together, we can make the world a better place!!!

Viva S.A.S. Rights!